Patriotism and Spirituality Unconstitutional? 6/28/02

There has been so much going on recently that has upset me that I've had to take some time out to keep the blood pressure within a level compatible with human life. But I have to weigh in on the recent Pledge of Allegiance ruling or I'm going to burst!

To those angered by this recent decision: Everyone and anyone has the right to refuse saying the pledge of allegiance. The Constitution acknowledges the God-given right (ironic huh?) for us each to decide for ourselves how best to exercise our spirituality and patriotism. That is what all those American heroes through the last couple of centuries fought and died to ensure. It's the cement in the foundation of this country.

To those happy with this decision: I will not permit a couple of liberal, feel good, intellectual/idiot judges to FORCE me NOT to say the pledge. It's one thing to not want to be forced to recite the pledge, it's entirely another thing to make it illegal for me to choose to do so.

If my saying the pledge of allegiance, including the word "God", offends you, then ignore me. If it makes you feel "not a part of", that's your problem. If you feel "less than" as the result of me expressing my religiosity and patriotism, you may be right! That's your choice. Your insecurities are none of my business. I will not hold it against you. But do not hold my saying the pledge against me!

You need to grow up. Your right to choose not do something does not supercede my right to choose to do it. It doesn't matter if it's the pledge (who would have thought it would actually come to this?!), prayer or carrying a gun. You don't have to do it, AAAND I don't have to NOT do it. It's as simple as that.

I will be available for telephone consultation with 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals judges tomorrow from 10:00am to Noon, as at least two of them obviously require an emergency infusion of good old fashioned American common sense. I'll let you know if I get a call.

God Bless America!
Dave Mason
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