"To research, learn and teach principles and techniques that allow people to use computers more creatively, productively and profitably."
"To advance the understanding of the importance of people in the human/technology equation;

to design rational strategies for the purchase, installation and use of computers;

to develop effective support resources that promote the self-sufficiency of computer users;

to discover creative and practical new ways for computers to benefit people."
Finding effective solutions to challenging problems.
In today’s increasingly competitive business environment, business people are required to increase their reliance on their technology investment to maintain their competitive advantage. Many have come to realize that this can be an almost unmanageable task with today’s increasingly complex and blisteringly fast changing technology.
You don't have to go it alone.
Dave Mason is in the business of helping you get the most out of your computers. With over fifteen years and almost 40,000 hours experience making the most of business computers. Dave is uniquely qualified to analyze your business, and develop cost-effective, practical strategies for successful computer implementation.
What's the best solution for me?
There is no set formula for selecting, installing, and supporting business computers and computer users successfully. Dave takes the time to study and understand the businesses he works with; their strengths, goals and challenges. He takes an in-depth look at existing systems (not just computer systems). Dave investigates your company’s objectives, policies, business/marketing plans, personnel, work flow, finances and organizational structure. A survey of management and users needs, wants and expectations is an important part of this research. We then assemble a comprehensive plan that enables you to intensify your organization’s energies to greater productivity and success.

Dave Mason offers a complete package of individualized services to respond to the unique requirements of each client. We can train existing staff, provide one time project based services, or ongoing system management services to help you get the most out of any business computer situation.
Call us for a straight forward, no fee, confidential discussion of how we can help you be more successful.
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