Campaign 2000, are you patriot or slave?  9/7/00
It's just the Constitution    5/25/00

Iím amazed as I look upon the talking heads analyzing the major partyís offerings, and their various plans to take care of me. Oh, and the analysis of the candidates clothing is nearly as compelling. I find I achieve during this observation a nearly disassociative state. Unfortunately itís not one of nirvana, or even approaching any sort of contented peace. Itís more like what Iíve experienced as I endure a calamitous motor vehicle accident. That strange slowing of time, the fearful, yet hopeful inevitability of the accident. As the metal crunches, glass breaks and yet I feel no pain, Iím struck by the strangely inappropriate but intensely peaceful feeling that I may squeak through this one unscathed. Those of you who have experienced a severe auto or motorcycle accident, and been lucky enough to survive to read this will know exactly what I mean.

I donít hold out any hope for an intelligent, rational and Constitutionally centered result of this election. I do think that somehow in light of this likely bleak outcome, this wonderful country and I may somehow surprisingly survive this too. That, to me, is the best promise of Campaign Y2k.

I have yet to hear an interviewer ask what gives the candidates the idea they can take care of me? What gives the candidates the right to come up with a health care plan for me? What gives the candidates the idea that I want to be taken care of at all?

Come on guys! Get out of my way! Keep invaders out of my country, provide a court system to allow me to protect myself legally from those who would harm me, let me keep what I have justly earned, and otherwise leave me the heck alone! What ever happened to, ďDonít tread on me!Ē?

I have to give the people in both political parties, the press and the government a lot of credit. We no longer question the validity of their outrageously overwhelming imposition in our lives. We argue about how best to be imposed upon, and which party should do the imposing.

The candidates now use our passive acceptance of their imposition, as a means to buy elections. The management of our PERSONAL health, prosperity, property, education, and even happiness is now government business. Indeed every detail of our very lives are now points of policy for the government; and hence points for political manipulation used by the candidates to further the possibility of their election.

We have been unwittingly turned into hyenas fighting each other ruthlessly at the governmental handout carcass, just to get our pound of flesh. Flesh that ironically comes from our own hides. Flesh that was confiscated from us earlier, by the very government now incredibly claiming credit for the kill!

Alas, there are no victims, only volunteers. We cannot blame the press, the politicians, the political parties Ė we can blame no one but ourselves.

We as a people no longer want to hear the truth. We only want our pound of flesh and will elect anyone and endure anything to get it.

I cannot stand by silently. Judge Ben Lindsey once said, ďIf truth hurts most of us so badly that we donĻt want it told, it hurts even more grievously those who dare to tell it. It is a two-edged sword, often deadly dangerous to the user.Ē

I do feel the cut of that sword when I consider the loony, violent revolutionary whackos to my right, the ďmainstream socialistsĒ in the Republican Party on my left, and the Marxist Democratic Party even further to my left. Iím standing for the blessed Constitution, IN THE CENTER, and am considered a nut. Iím at best marginal, sometimes even a threat. I suppose I am a threat to those intending to compromise the Constitution.

In spite of these depressing realities, I do find strength and hope. Itís the strength and hope of George Mason, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Benjamin Franklin and George Washington. They too, were considered threats. They too, dared to tell the truth. They too, understood the vital necessity of carefully limited government. They too, paid the price of tireless vigilance for the joy of liberty.

We can make this change. It wonít happen this year, but it could happen soon. Keep listening, keep talking, keep thinking, keep questioning. Most importantly, keep studying. Watch what is happening. See it for what it is. Decide whether you are a patriot or a slave.

God bless America! She needs it. So do you and I!
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