Important Satellite info for ComputerTalk with Dave Mason ® affilates!!!

We are emphasizing distribution on alternative technologies including the Internet for more cost effective, timely and flexible interaction with our worldwide listeners. This gives us an opportunity to provide more advanced customized audio, video and print products to a much larger audience, at a lower cost than terrestrial radio.

** To allow our valued affiliates to continue to broadcast our show, we have provided a special link to download the broadcast ready, time accurate segments (mpeg layer 3 pro 48 kbps, 44100 kHz 16 bit Mono) for the latest show by segments (See below)

To reach us regarding any of these issues, call toll free 1-866-821-8255
9:00 AM to 5:00PM Mountain Time, Monday through Friday and live during the show.

Thanks for your interest in ComputerTalk with Dave Mason ®. We are committed to the success of your station, and turning your weekend into great programming AND great profits!

ComputerTalk with Dave Mason ® originates out the ComputerTalk Bunker and have total control over all aspects of the show production and distribution. Given our “control freak” natures, this has "Evil" Steve and I in fits of ecstasy! Here’s the clock and technical information. Thanks for being part of the most profitable family in hi-tech talk radio.

Dr. Dave
Host of ComputerTalk with Dave Mason ®

Show Segments for Affiliate Download
(Right click on segment below and "Save Target As" to save to your local computer)

(All segments are broadcast quality mpeg layer 3 (Mp3) Pro 48 kbps, 44100 kHz 16 bit mono)

Hour 1
(12:00 - Show Date 05/30/15)
(10:48 - Show Date 05/30/15)
(13:57 - Show Date 05/30/15)
(10:48 - Show Date 05/30/15)
Hour 2
(12:00 - Show Date 05/30/15)
(10:48 - Show Date 05/30/15)
(13:57 - Show Date 05/30/15)
(10:48 - Show Date 05/30/15)
ComputerTalk with Dave Mason ® show is run on a "Hard Clock". We have included the show clock below for your reference.

IMPORTANT: See image below on this page for show clock.

ComputerTalk with Dave Mason Show ® Clock

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